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Ace Engineering and Construction Services, LLC (ACE) was founded in 2021. The headquarters are in
Haddon Township, NJ. ACE is certified to work in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. ACE performs structural
design in transportation and vertical infrastructure projects including residential and commercial
projects. They also perform construction management services.

The team has experience being the Project Managers, Lead Designers, Inspectors, Field Engineers, and
Superintendents. Below are our key personnel.


Heather Sabetta, PE
President & Chief Executive Officer


Heather Sabetta has held increasing leadership roles in varying size corporations throughout her career. She is a licensed Professional Engineer in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. She received an Undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from University of New Hampshire and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from University of Virginia.

Her experience includes Bridge Design and Rehabilitation, Building Design and Rehabilitation, Retaining Walls, Bridge Inspection, Utility Transmission Foundations, Marine Structural Engineering, and Construction Management Services. She is a NBIS Certified Bridge Safety Inspector and has had Confined Space Training. She has inspected many bridges in multiple states. She has been the team member and team lead. 


She has worked on various new and rehabilitation transportation projects from local single span bridges to the large multiple spans like Tacony-Palmayra Bridge and Pulaski Skyway in multiple states. She has completed retaining wall and sheet pile design for temporary construction excavation and for permanent shore bulkheads. 

She has completed residential and commercial inspections during the purchase process. She has performed pre and post inspection as apart of construction nearby. She has designed residential houses, police and firehouses, garages with pools on them throughout the state of New Jersey.

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